< Photo verification system.

We verify the profile photos one by one. The main classification is determined by the number of showed profile photos on the profile. 

The number of showed photos depends on the profile tier or the BOOST on it.

The a proper verification photos should be taken of the entire body (head to toe) wearing TWO-PIECES lingerie. You hold up a piece of paper next to your body with the current date and the name of our website on it. Make sure that the paper does not cover your body and that all tattoos and piercings are visible (if applicable) in the photo. Please ensure the quality of the photo is high. 

If you upload covered face or non face photos on your profile please send us them via email with visible face so that we can compare them with the verification photo(s)

| verified - real photos, captured on the premises (#nofilter)

verified - real photos 

unique - real photos but verification is not possible because of some reasons that you can see here

surprise - the photos are under check by administrators (THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY CLASS)

unverified - the photos probably not real